Friday, September 22, 2006

Jam MC's at Konspiracy - Manchester - July 1990

Jam MC's at Konspiracy - Manchester - July 1990

Tracklist -

1. Reese 'Rock to the Beat' (Mike Wilsons Hitman Mix)
2. Annette 'Dream 17'
3. Mantronix 'Don't You Want Some More'
4. Rhythmatic 'Take Me Back'
5. Musto & Bones 'All I Want is to Get Away'
6. 2 in a Room 'Take Me Away'
7. Together 'Hardcore Uproar'
8. Sweet Mercy 'Reach Out'
9. Pierre Feroldi Ft Linda Ray 'Movin' Now'
10. Dirty Mind 'The Killer'
11. How II House 'Time to Feel the Rhythm'
12. G & V Jay 'Gonna Get the Boy'
13. Brothers in Rhythm 'Peace & Harmony'
14. Don Pablos Animals 'Venus'
15. C+M Connection 'Another Night'
16. E-Zee Possee 'Everything Sarts With An E' (Renegade Soundwave Mix)
17. Acts of Madmen 'The Dream'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mate, This Konspiracy mix is actually by Nick Grayson, oh and the link is bust!

3:16 PM  

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