Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beagle - Mix Of 86

Beagle - Mix Of 86

Tracklist -

E-Vette's Revenge - E-Vette Money;
Rock Me - Fresh Force;
The Circus - Divine Sounds;
What the Party Needs - Point Blank MCs;
B.S. - World Class Wreckin Crew;
Get Back - Disco Twins & Starchild;
I'm Fly Shanté - Roxanne Shanté;
Broadway - Duke Bootee;
Put that Record Back On - Just Ice;
Downbeats (Remix) - MC Chill;
You Can Make it - Charlie Brown;
Drag Rap - The Showboys;
Get Physical - Steady B;
That's My Style - Spoonie Gee;
I'm a Homeboy - K-Rob;
Girl Talk - The Boogie Boys;
Rock the House in Japan - D.St.;
You Gotta Come out Fresh - Supreme Force;
The Bridge - MC Shan;
Beat Biter - MC Shan;
Cuts Like These - Ultimate Force;
Hit it Run - Run DMC;
The Real Grandmaster - The Two;
Get off My Tip - The Masterdon Committee;
Stop Jockin' Me - The Buzy Boyz;
Electronic Energy of... - Mantronix;
The Manipulator - Junior Gee;
Ultimate III Live! - Ultimate III;
Ya Don't Quit - Ice T;
MC Story - MC Chill;
Loving Every Minute of it - Doug E Fresh;
Monster Beat - Awesome Foursome;
The Beat is Mine - Hardrock Soul Movement;
Envious - Seville and Jazzy J;
Get Busy - Disco Four;
Is There a Way Out? - Tackhead & DJ Cheese;
It's Crack - Schoolly D;
Check it Out Y'all - The 2 Live Crew;
Mr Mixx On The Mix - The 2 Live Crew;
Running - The Information Society;
I'm a Trip - Sir-Mix-A-Lot;
Beat Box is Rockin' - The Fat boys.



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