Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brooker (Old School) 4

Brooker (Old School) 4

Tracklist -

DJ Phantasy's mate - Mr Kirk your son is Hardcore
Miranda - Dubbed beats
DJ Crystl - Drop XTC
Stu J - Gadjet
Zero Zero - Zero not Zero
Sublove - Hyper-active
Urban Shakedown - Do it now
Younghead - Bad bad man
4 Hero - Time to get ill
Hedgehog Affair Part II - These are the sounds of house
Smooth but Hazzardous - Smooth but Hazzardous
Psychoacoustic - I kommence
DJ Royal T & DJ XL - Fantasy in motion
Noise Factory - Dance with the speaker
CMC - Bad Girl
Progression - Lost in the Jungle
Tic Tac Toe - Ephemerol
The Criminal Minds - Baptised by Dub
Blame - Music takes you (2 Bad Mice remix)
Aurora - Spectral Bass
Taboo - Gotta get up
Yolk - Music for da people
Eat Life - Bach to basics
Splice - Break it down
Zookeepers Revenge - Back to the Goldmine
Hedgehog Affair Part III - Heaven sent
Da Bass Invaderz - Set your body free
Natural Instinct - Reflections
Acen - Life and crimes of a Ruffneck
Noise Factory - Mr Sulu
Tek 9 - Just a dream
Impact - Cuckoo in the Jungle
Vibes - Getting there
Sound Engineer - Steppin in and out of my shadow
Egyptian Empire - The Horn track
Acen - Trip to the Moon Part II
Noise Factory - Behold the Jungle (remix)



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