Friday, October 13, 2006

The Spinmasters - Thunderdome - June 1989

The Spinmasters - Thunderdome - June 1989

Tracklisting -

1. 808 State 'Pacific State'
2. 808 State 'State Ritual'
3. 808 State 'Disco State'
4. 808 State 'Compulsion'
5. 808 State 'State To State'
6. 808 State 'Dr Lowfruit' (4am Mix)
7. 808 State 'Firecracker'
8. 808 State & MC Tunes 'Dance Yourself to Death'
9. 808 State 'Let Yourself Go'
10. Reese & Santonio 'Bounce Your Body to the Box'
11. M & H Band 'Popcorn'
12. Dynamix II 'Just Give the DJ a Break'
13. Brooklyn Funk Essentials 'Change the Track'
14. Mantronix 'King of the Beats'
15. Twin Hype 'Do it to the Crowd'
16. Marshall Jefferson pres. Truth 'Open Our Eyes'
17. Bizarre Inc 'Technological'
18. D Mob 'It's Time To Get Funky'
19. Casanovas Revenge 'Let's Work'
20. Beat Club 'Security'
21. Aufnahme 'Ein Zwei Drei Vier'
22. Humanoid 'Stakker Humanoid'
23. Minute Men 'Bingo Bongo'
24. ??? - acid ...not intro to below
25. Depeche Mode 'Everything Counts'(Alan Moulder Absolut Mix)
26. Adonis 'No Way Back'
27. Funky Worm 'Hustle to the Music'
28. More Kante 'Yeke Yeke' (Afro Acid Mix)
29. ???



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