Friday, October 13, 2006

Thumbzos Bleep Era Clang Fest 1990 ish

Thumbzos Bleep Era Clang Fest 1990 ish

Tracklist -

1. DMS-A Brand New World-Dubplate Mix-Production House
2. Mad Bastard-I Am The Future-Strictly Underground Mix-Omen
3. Nightmares On Wax-Aftermath-LFO Remix-Warp
4. Mind Of Kane-Frequency-Deja Vu
5. Major Problems-Gum Disease (x2)-Nu Groove
6. Secret Desire-Anna Lies-Vinyl Solution
7. D Magnfy-Manifestation-Tam Tam
8. Tekno too-Feeel The Power-D Zone
9. Unique 3-The Theme-Original Chill Mix-10
10. Hibrid-Hypnotizin-Mega Blast
11. True Faith-Take Me Away-Pinned Up Mix-Network
12. Bass Culture-Facts Of Life-Bass Heavy Style-Industrial
13. LFO-LFO-Remix-Warp
14. Ragga Twins-Hooligan 69-Shut Up And Dance
15. Subject 13-Eternity-Vinyl Solution
16. Rebel MC feat. Tenor Fly-The Wickedest Sound-Don Gorgon Mix-Desire
17. N Joi-Techno Gangsters-Deconstruction
18. Project 1-It's A Moment In Time-A Few Dollars More Remix-Tam Tam
19. NRG Posse-Themes-D Zone
20. Cybersonik-Technarchy-Champion
21. Project 86-Industrial Bass-Nu Groove
22. Undercover Movement-Moonstompin-Dead Skinhead Mix-Strictly Underground
23. Mind Of Kane-Stabbed In The Back-Deja Vu



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